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Bike Service & Repair

Fast & Friendly

Servicing your bike starts with a conversation. We recognize the value and importance of our customers’ bikes and the trust placed in us to work on them.

Bring your bike in, and we can talk through any work that needs doing. From spot repairs to tune-ups to component upgrades and custom builds, we are comfortable and capable working with you to service your bike the way you want it. We work on all makes and models!

Flat fixes and quick adjustments are available for walk-ins. Anything more extensive than that will need to be scheduled out. Please call us or click below to schedule your bike for service. 

Please note- the date of your appointment is for drop off only, not necessarily when the repair will be completed. We will take a look at it and get in touch with you with the cost estimate and time frame.

Click here to schedule your bike for service.

Tune-Ups and Services

Good Tune


Basic Adjustments

-Adjust shifting

-Adjust brakes

-Check chain, cassette, and chainrings for wear.

-Adjust hubs, bottom bracket & headset externally.

-Check all bolts for proper torque.

-Wipe down frame

Includes brake pad install.

All additional labor at discounted rate.

Better Tune


Recommended Yearly for Most Bikes

-Includes Good Tune Up plus:

-Wheel true and tension.

-Bike wash.

-Disassembly and degreasing of drivetrain and derailleurs in our ultrasonic parts washer.

All additional non- drivetrain labor at discounted rate.

Best Tune


A Complete Clean, Rebuild and Overhaul.

Includes Better Tune Up plus:

-Complete disassembly, rebuild/replacement.

-All parts get a complete cleaning.

-New stainless steel cables and high quality housing for brakes and derailleurs & new black bar tape or black grips**

-Bleed hydraulic disc brakes.

All additional labor/parts installation included. 

*Discounted labor rate on suspension work and pivot service.

**Parts not included

Depending on the work needed; a tune up or a la carte labor may be right for you. We will work with you to help you pick the most economical option, with the best service for your bike.

Please note- We do not service electric scooters and only work on electric bikes from a select number of brands.

Home Bike Repair

We recommend having a few products at home to help you keep your bike in excellent working condition between your annual tune-ups. We have a selection of essential tools, lubricants and cleaning products for all your at home DIY bike repair needs.